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Is it compulsary for those out there,who wants to be a icon in Hollywood to have a perfect set of teeth?

Sure, just ask Steve Buscemi ;-)

Is it compulsary for those out there,who wants to be a icon in Hollywood to have a perfect set of teeth?
Well it does help to have nice teeth. Gaps in teeth turn me off.


My ex-girlfriend really believes she is a vampire. She has bitten me and actually has a perfect set of teeth?

She%26#039;s a kook. What is your question?

My ex-girlfriend really believes she is a vampire. She has bitten me and actually has a perfect set of teeth?
wow good thing shes the ex! stay away from nuts!
Reply:I%26#039;m not really sure what the question is here....but I%26#039;ll try to inform you.

there are several kinds of vampires, and people who believe that they are vampires.

Your ex might have had a blood fetish, or she might have been a Sanguarian Vamp.

I suggest you do your own research on them, since most of the information is also dependent on your opinion of the matter.
Reply:That sounds sexy. I used to date a girl that liked blood, I wasn%26#039;t going to go along with that though. Sprinkle her with garlic and see what happens
Reply:well it actually depends on how u look at it vampires in general are pure fiction but ppl practice vampirism by sucking each others blood but cant really fly or other stuff like that p.s. ur not a vamp
Reply:Ok - that%26#039;s fine - good thing she is an ex... but what is your question?
Reply:And you had a problem with it?? Sounds a little kinky. Not your style, eh?

And how do you know she%26#039;s not? Vampires don%26#039;t need people to believe in them to be real...
Reply:Why do you care she is an ex...
Reply:ppl look vampires exist i have a perfect set of teeth i have two extremly sharp ones i bit my friend and now she looks the same what does that tell u yep i am a vampire and go your ex i wanna meet her maybe we can talk


Have to look perfect by january 8th. helpful tips. on (hair face skin body teeth finger nails.)?

heres the problems that need to be fixed any tips would be nice.

HAIR= fly away and frizz. split end prone . oily root with bit of dandruff.

SKIN= bad acne on back and moderate on face. slight scaring that needs to dissapear fast. uneven skin tone. oily . huge pores. i pick at acne a lot which i know is bad but usally do it when i%26#039;m half asleep or totally bored. any tricks to stop this.

BODY= massive thighs.need to tighten tummy. exercise that doesn%26#039;t include going to the gym , riding a bike, swimming would be good.

TEETH= a bit yellow but that is getting better. i don%26#039;t like using teeht whitener cause the weaken my teeth.

Nails= weaks and chipped. really straight edges that won%26#039;t curve.

any tips or little home remidies to help is ok anything thtat you think will make me look better for only 2 weeks.

no lectures with the nobodies perfect stuff. i don%26#039;t want to be perfect i just want to look better .

i%26#039;m not shallow though. lol =)

thanks heaps


Have to look perfect by january 8th. helpful tips. on (hair face skin body teeth finger nails.)?

Oily roots

Lemon and aloe vera

You%26#039;ll need 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Blend this ingredients well and add a little of your regular shampoo. Wash your hair as usual, but let the shampoo on for a few minutes.

dry/frizzy hair-

• Mix 1 tablespoon Honey and any type of vegetable oil. Distribute mixture evenly all over the hair.

• Coat dry hair with mayonnaise, once finished cover with a plastic shower cap and leave on for 10-20 minutes.

• Apply olive oil all over your hair. Cover with a plastic bag and let it stay for 20 minutes. For extra conditioning take a warm shower while waiting. The heat will help the oil work to its maximum potential.

• Beat one egg, add 3 tablespoons of water and apply to scalp and hair.

This applies to all recipes: Once you are done waiting for the natural ingredients to work their magic wash, rinse, and style hair as usual

(make sure u dont do the above on the scalp area its oily there)

split ends-


Mix 1 tsp honey with 2 Tbsp olive oil, then beat in 1 egg yolk. Massage on hair in small sections. Wrap head with shower cap for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo.


Massage hair and scalp with warm avocado or olive oil. Wrap hair securely in a towel. Leave oil on hair about 8 hours or overnight. If left on overnight, put a shower cap over head to avoid staining pillows and bedding. Wash hair, then rinse with a vinegar /water solution.

dandruff-Crush a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in about 5 tablespoons of warm coconut or olive oil. It would be better to boil them in the oil. Cool the mixture and apply generously all over the scalp. Leave it on for two hours. Rinse and wash off.



although i recommend u go to a good dermi to get the bst results/ are some homemade ideas to cure ur problems:-


In gram flour add curd (yogurt) and make paste and apply on face, before it dries completely rub that. Do this for every two days. It is good to avoid pimples or acne.

To avoid pimples in great extend, take fresh cinnamon powder and put it in tightly sealed bottle and take little powder mix with water and apply this only on pimples. Wait for some time and wash your face. Do this for at least 10 days to get rid of pimples


Take ripe papaya and mash then apply on pimples. It is apt for avoiding acne/pimple.

Apply a paste made of nutmeg, pepper and a little water. Apply on the pimples and allow it to dry. Then wash off.

Mix 10 grams juice of white onions with 5 grams honey and 1 gram rock salt and apply on pimples.

Wash your face thrice a day and apply calamine lotion on the pimples.

Apply a paste made out of ground mint leaves on the pimples and leave overnight. This will ease the pimples and clear other blemishes also.

Never pick pimples for if you do so they leave scars.

Take a little each of rice, poppy-seeds %26amp; almonds and grind to a fine powder and mix it with 2 tablespoons of curd and apply to your face. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes and then wash it off and see your skin glow and the pimple marks fade away slowly.

Take out the fat from the curd and apply this curd to pimple and face and take shower after 15 minutes.

Warm honey and mix gram flour and apply this paste to face. Wash with warm water after it dries. See pimples go away.

Grind mint leaves and apply on pimples and wash after 5 minutes.

Tulsi is a great medicine. Grind tulsi leaves and apply on pimples.

Take tender neem leaves and rub with fresh turmeric this will make a best medicine to avoid pimples. Apply this paste on pimples. Do this for at least 10 days.

Avoid taking oily food, sweets, fries, and potatoes. Take fresh fruits and other fresh vegetables with your diet.

Don’t take more non-vegetarian. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Use medicated soaps which is recommended by your doctor.

Don’t pinch pimples. It will make scar.

- Skin Blemishes

* For an overnight treatment of blemishes, cover the blemish with a dab of honey and place a Band-Aid over it. Honey kills the bacteria, keeps the skin sterile, and speeds healing of blemishes.

• Take carrot juice and apply on the blemished area. Leave for about 15 minutes. Wash well after dry. It is good for blemish.

• Apply watermelon juice on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off your face with lukewarm water. It will fade blemish.

• Rub some coconut oil on blemishes area before going to the bed. Wash well in the morning will definitely help.

• Tender coconut water dabbed on blemishes area, left for half an hour, make blemishes dissappear.

Back acne-

-Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is applied directly to the surface area of the infected skin. keeps it hydrated and clears the area

-Lavender Essential Oil

When used as a natural back acne treatment lavender essential oil is rubbed on the skin surface.

-Aloe Vera

While aloe vera does not stop outbreaks, it is a very effective natural back acne treatment for skin repair and reducing redness, swelling and scaring.

-Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

This product, found in most health food stores, can be effective in treating back acne. Apply the apple cider vinegar, diluted with three parts water, to the acne at least twice a day. After a week increase the strength of the solution to half and half. If there is no irritation you can dab on the apple cider vinegar full strength.



Apply a bit of baking soda to ur tooth brush and .. brush with that 1 x a day.. then brush with toothpaste.. results should appear in a week with whiter teeth..naturally!

For discolored teeth salt mixed with lime or lemon juice to brush the teeth..(not everyday though..too much salt not advisable:))


avoid fatty/oily/sugary foods....or if u want go for a diet u think that works..detox,atkins,southbeach, juice and soup diet..etc..and as for workout..i would advice normal brisk walking or intense cardio..but seems like this isnt what u asked pushups and situps/pilates could do great for ur stomatch and lower abdomen area(ok...i am not really good with the whole body advise):P



-eat jello

-rub raw garlic over the whole juice of garlic..and take the white tip of ur nail and insert it in the garlic it everyday and see the difference!

-use olive oil for the cuticles

-buy sally hansen%26#039;s strong as nails or some other vitamin e polish or hardner..

-eat yogurt too

-pamper urself with manicures and pedicures


whoosh!there....i am done..and this took some luck and i hope u look gorgeous in the end!=)
Reply:Hair - You can buy products that prevent fly away %26amp; frizz. Try an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Skin - Get a Vitamin E based moisteriser, this helps with reducing scarring. Or see your doctor about your acne, he may be able to prescribe something.

Body - There is loads of, pilates, kick boxing, aerobics etc. Eat healthily, plenty of fruit %26amp; veg (Will also help with skin). Drink plenty of water too

Teeth - Teeth Whitener could be your only option

Nails - I drink lots of milk, my nails are real healthy %26amp; strong. Get a professional manicure or acrylic nails.

Maybe set a more realistic target that 8th Jan though.
Reply:Hair - Use some de-frizz cream in your hair, get a trim and use head and shoulders, wash hair every second day.

Skin - Wash face daily, use pro avtic or other pimple creams.

use moisturizer.

Body - Sit ups and yoga. :]

Teeth - Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day with special whitening tooth paste. colgate is a good choice.

Nails - Get a manicure at least once every two weeks. your nails will look good very soon.


Hope i could help.

And i hope you look fab. before Jan. 8th.
Reply:well,I just know how to deal with %26quot;uneven skin tone%26quot;...

MELA-D White whiting daily essence (LA-ROCHE-POSAY )30ml, is very effective,even in a couple of days
Reply:Hair=YOu can buy serums, sprays, shampoos, everything to help that =D


Body=Pilates, crunches situps~fruits and veggies, no cow their fattening

Teeth=Crest white Strips

Nails= I have this clear nailpolish that has a chemical in it that strengthens ur nails~I bought it from a mannicure place
Reply:hair - get your hair cut to get rid of any split ends, use an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. use serum to stop your hair getting frizzy and fly away. and once a week warm some olive oil put it on your hair and leave it for min 30min. wash it out thoroughly! (i have frizzy flyaway hair too)

skin - use a scrub (i find st. ives is the best, the one speciffically for blemishes) and theres a garnier moisturiser which is great for your (and mine) skin type. maybe havin an elastic band round your wrist an when you start pickin snap the band on your wrist, eventually the pain will become associated with picking your spots and youll do it less.

body - you can do yoga, dance, pilates, swimming, capoeria(sp?) just find something that will interest you. i find running on track outside is best for me.

teeth - go to your dentist they can recommend something professional, which is also alot stronger than the shop bought stuff.

nails - just keep them short end use an emery board to smooth them into a rounded shape. DO NOT USE A METAL EMERY BOARD this will knack up your nails.

good luck and when i find my moisturiser ill edit this for you k.
Reply:Righto. I%26#039;ll swallow the lecture...

HAIR Sounds like your hair is combo dry w oily roots. That%26#039;s annoying, I%26#039;ll bet you find that if you wash it often enough to not be oily, the ends are too dry, but if you leave it so the ends are good, the top is gross... know the feeling. Well to start, get a good cut. That%26#039;ll get rid of split ends and make it sit better on your head. Then get an anti-dandruff shampoo. You can get them for hair types exactly like yours. Head %26#039;n shoulders is one brand. Hair straighteners are wonderful to make you look well groomed, but use anti-heat products so you don%26#039;t dry it out further. Try to let it dry naturally, or use a hairdryer on a warm setting, point it downwards too, as it smooths the hair shaft. NEVER EVER dry it by rubbing with a towel, it roughs up the hair shaft and will encourage some world-class frizz. Just squeeze the water with the towel.

SKIN If you have acne and large pores, sounds like your skin type is oily. Go to a good department store where they sell all the treatment products and get a free skin analysis to be sure (but don%26#039;t necessarily let them sell you $400 worth of Clinique %26quot;absolutely essential must-haves or your face will drop off%26quot; products. Many are ridiculously overpriced and ridiculously under-performing). Astringents are products that will tighten your pores and minimise oil (and hence reduce spots) and a really cheap one is plain old Witch Hazel (get in in any chemist or supermarket). If your acne is really bad, it may be hormonal, and your doctor can give you something to fix it.

Uneven skin tone is caused by areas of dead skin building up - get a good exfoliator. You can buy them, and many are not expensive, or you can make you own -

And it is entirely up to you to break the habit of picking. Just tell yourself how bad it%26#039;ll look after, and imagine that they%26#039;ll all turn into huge scars - do something to distract yourself, and tell yourself firmly, %26quot;no, I do not want ugly sores and scars%26quot;. Fingers, step awayyyy from the pimple...

BODY Well, riding a bike and swimming are great for getting fit! They%26#039;ll improve your energy and stamina, but if you%26#039;re interested in faster toning, go with pilates. (I totally sympathise with your feelings about gyms, they just have that air of a prison movie to me. Or else they seem to consist solely of Stepford bunny-clones, and make you wonder where these people GO outside of the gym, becasue you never seem to see them...)

Anyway, pilates is BRILLIANT. You%26#039;ll get more flexible than a rubber band, and results are really quite fast. I use the Windsor pilates dvds (and no, I%26#039;m in no way connected to the sale of them, they%26#039;re just the ones I know work, and believe me, I%26#039;ve done an awful lot of different exercise over time) chances are you know someone with them, you can get them off ebay, or probably download them somewhere. There may even be classes near you. If it gives you any idea, many dancers use pilates to stay in shape if they%26#039;re injured and can%26#039;t dance. And you can do it regardless of your fitness or ability.

TEETH. You can get enamel-friendly whitening treatments which won%26#039;t weaken your teeth. They usually say so on the box. Or you could try plain old baking soda. It tastes rather foul and you%26#039;ll need to rinse with some kind of mouthwash after to refresh your breath, but it sure as heck works and it costs practically nothing. And is perfectly safe for teeth.

NAILS - it%26#039;s worth having a good manicurist shape your nails once if you don%26#039;t know how - then next time you can do it yourself. It%26#039;s important to keep them filed and not massively long - this will strengthen them. Always file in the same direction, don%26#039;t saw back and forth, as this will weaken them - they are your nails, not a tree. Do not ever cut them.

An easy strenghtening recipe-

2 tsp. castor oil

2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. wheat germ oil

Pour all ingredients into a sealable bottle. Before each use, shake well. Rub a small amount of the mixture into your nails. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Wipe off with a cotton ball.

Almond oil is also good.

Massive reply but hope it helps.

Of course wanting to look good doesn%26#039;t make you shallow. If that%26#039;s all you ever think about, then maybe. But there%26#039;s nothing wrong with taking pride in how you look.

Just make sure you look after your inside too, as (oh boy, I%26#039;m sorry for the corniness) but honestly, someone with a lovely heart who is kind, considerate, polite and confident in themselves really does make a person far more beautiful than their complexion or clothing size. I%26#039;m around many people who look beautiful in pictures, but are insecure messes, or as soon as they open their mouths are made ugly by their tiny souls. There%26#039;s others, who are, as my Grandmother puts it %26quot;no oil painting%26quot; but who are such wonderful people you don%26#039;t even notice their looks, and becasue I know how they are as people, I honestly find it impossible to call them unattractive.

Anyway, have a great time over the holidays, by all means have fun %26quot;beautifying%26quot; yourself, but also remember the world does not end if you have a pimple. Good grief, humans get them. Since we%26#039;re humans, I guess there%26#039;s no avoiding it hey? One last trick though - if you do get a big one, you can reduce it%26#039;s appearance by putting a few drops of Visine on it... works like a charm.
Reply:hair = use head and shoulders and use a taming frizz spray and blow dry your hair and straigten it

skin= proactiv is some kind of acne treatment apparently my friend said its really good

body= swimming is excellent excercise! try butterfly stroke. and go on a diet try and put your cravings towards fruit

teeth= i really dont know try flossing and brushing really well

nails= manicure time!!!
Reply:use hair masks. you can get them at sally%26#039;s beauty supply or any beauty store.or make your own with avacado.

and for bacne use alot of rubbing alcohol to dry out your you wanna hide your thighs wear a pencil skirt. you use the designe to ur advatage and get a VERY sexy hourglass shape.for teeth gargle with baking soda and hyrdogen peroxide but put in some mouth wash with the mixture cuz it tastes really bad. and straight nails are hot.i think curved look a bit old lady. but you can get you nails a cute french color for under $10 or even just $5 at someplaces. but be sure so ask for just a polish change not a full manicure.


Where can I buy perfect fake white teeth like Johnny Depp wore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

They%26#039;ve got to have these at an online costume/special effects website somewhere but I haven%26#039;t had any luck finding such a site.

Where can I buy perfect fake white teeth like Johnny Depp wore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Dentist. Expensive but thats %26#039;like the movie%26#039;.
Reply:i dont know but our avatars are the exact same! i wonder if we look alike in real life...
Reply:um... try ebay. everybody else does. u can find almost anything n there.
Reply:i agree with brown suga

performing arts

Besides having perfect hair and teeth is there another way to get ahead in life?

I would say the same way you are getting ahead at work. Add the fuzzy slipers and flannels and....

Or you could just accept my marriage proposal.

Or eat lots of waffles. I hear they are the elixir of life.

Besides having perfect hair and teeth is there another way to get ahead in life?
a college education or so ive been told.
Reply:Great BSing skills.
Reply:perfect inheritance
Reply:yes having perfect hair and teeth and laying on your back alot
Reply:Big boobs
Reply:Clean underwear, which I%26#039;ve never been able to manage.
Reply:Having a brain in your head and knowing how to use it.
Reply:Working hard and being honest.
Reply:I think you%26#039;ve figured it out.
Reply:a college education might help!
Reply:Beauty comes from within dear!
Reply:Good %26quot;Oral%26quot; skills...

%26lt; keep up a good conversation will get you far in life %26gt;

hehehe! pervs!
Reply:Yes. Be dedicated, smart, hard working, and get a good education.
Reply:a good education%26gt;%26gt;
Reply:its all about who u know
Reply:Not having a gag reflex.
Reply:A great rack.

Reply:a phd
Reply:Having a brain.
Reply:An axe is a good way to get a head.
Reply:Intelligence helps, if you get an education.
Reply:Don%26#039;t accept or settle for anything less than you deserve.
Reply:A good education is worth more than money... because someday it will make money for you!
Reply:Having nice hair will get you ahead in life also. Those petty things like personality, education, and hard work don%26#039;t really matter
Reply:hold a great job
Reply:not really. you forgot perfect boobs, you need those too.

maybe you could invent something really useful, or get a PhD. other than that......sorry you are just out of luck.
Reply:our dominator society is driven by intelligence, and not just the kind that comes out of a book, so sharping your intel should get you ahead

or you could just be like everyone else and network your way through life
Reply:Know somebody important.
Reply:a tight whatnot helps--

hair talk

Did Miley Cyrus shape her teeth to be perfect?

Not to be mean but Miley%26#039;s teeth are really f*%#ed here


and 2007 this is what they are now :

Did Miley Cyrus shape her teeth to be perfect?
Miley has braces behind her teeth.
Reply:If I had teeth like that and had the money to fix them...I would.
Reply:Miley Cyrus did not shape her teeth to be perfect she had whitened them and they got better.
Reply:I cant view the second pic b/c i dont have a myspace, but her teeth are better because she has had dental work done. She%26#039;s a celeb majority of them do get teeth work done. Miley supossedly has braces behind her teeth.
Reply:I can%26#039;t view the 2nd pic cause I%26#039;m not one of your friends in Myspace, Sorry

But her teeth are horrible!!, I can%26#039;t say if the 2nd pic is nice or bad...
Reply:looks like veneers
Reply:Miley had lingual braces which are braces that are attached to the backside of your teeth. She also had them whitened. Best of luck!
Reply:I couldn%26#039;t see the second picture but maybe she went to the dentist and fixed them. That%26#039;s how stars get those perfect shaped and white teeth.

small business

If a girls teeth are not perfect would that be a reason not to date her?

I consider myself ok looking but my teeth are not straight what do you think?

If a girls teeth are not perfect would that be a reason not to date her?
my teeth aren%26#039;t perfect either, and i%26#039;ve always been really conscious of them. in fact, in my life i%26#039;ve often asked myself the same question you%26#039;re asking. but i%26#039;ve had plenty of dating experience, and boyfriends! (i%26#039;m 28)

when i mention my concerns about my teeth, people look at them and laugh, they say i%26#039;m crazy, that my teeth are fine (actually, i sometimes get compliments on them!). and everyone knows how well i take care of them too (brush at least twice daily; floss daily).

just take care of your teeth, make sure they%26#039;re clean %26amp; that your breath is alright, and keep in mind that we%26#039;re *very* often more critical of ourselves than others are.

i bet you%26#039;re beautiful! so don%26#039;t let your worries keep you from smiling. if you ARE finding that you%26#039;re too embarrassed to smile (i was, and still am very aware/self-conscious of my smile), then like some others said, you might consider getting braces -- they have those %26quot;invis-align%26quot; ones available these days, so you can barely tell they%26#039;re on. also, if you whiten the teeth (there are many options for that too these days), it will probably give you a boost of confidence.

good luck. =D
Reply:you%26#039;re welcome... and i%26#039;m glad! i meant every word. :D Report It

Reply:I think you are being SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:nope...not at all...if you consider yourself lookin good then you reason to doubt long as you gots yourself a good personality an a good heart, thats all that matters
Reply:no way, theyd b ultra vain if they did n not worth dating
Reply:If you are beautiful inside...that is all that counts...and guys should realize that. Good Luck!
Reply:As long as they are white and not TO crooked that is not a good reason not to, mine aren%26#039;t perfect but they are white
Reply:No that shouldn%26#039;t matter !!
Reply:don%26#039;t be so silly.
Reply:who cares whether your teeth are straight or not? i have braces but people dont care... my friend%26#039;s teeth are kinda crooked and all her x-bf%26#039;s didnt care... ur teeth r NOT going to be the reason y someone wouldnt want to date u.
Reply:Some people are really weird about teeth. But if they don%26#039;t bother you, who cares what other people think about them.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think guy%26#039;s look at teeth very much when they are deciding whether or not a girl is hot. If it is bothering YOU should see if your insurance will cover getting braces behind your teeth..that way they will straighten out and no one can see you are wearing braces. =)
Reply:I think when you really discover whether you have met someone perfect for you, these minor problems will not matter, the real bonding will be enough.
Reply:I think that your teeth dint matter its how you are your personality if someone doesn%26#039;t go out with you for that reason then that%26#039;s not the right person for you
Reply:well as long as u dont scare people wen u walk dwn the street or if people dont come up to u and comment about your bad teeth then i would say u were ok.

if its really bothering u then get braces.
Reply:Hi %26gt;

Ithink that a good sense of humour, a good intellect, etc far outweigh a perfect set of teeth


4 what it%26#039;s worth.
Reply:A lot of people think that a not-so-perfect smile has charm and character. As long as they%26#039;re not too bad (missing), I wouldn%26#039;t think that it would be a problem.

I have perfectly straight teeth on the bottom but my top two front teeth are crooked a bit and someone I managed to go out with several different guys before I met and married my husband.
Reply:I think youre probly fine. Who cares if your teeth arnt perfect.
Reply:depends if you have a great big smile
Reply:Aw, everyone is different. I personally have a thing for teeth, I prefer a good set of teeth, to say, a crooked pair. But my bessie mate is the complete opposite to me. Dont let a thing like that bother you...
Reply:If she is cool and likes what I like then that wouldnt bother me.
Reply:That should not be a reason why someone would not date you. My teeth aren%26#039;t very straight either and that hasn%26#039;t stopped girls from dating me. I%26#039;m also a musician and a public figure and it doesn%26#039;t come up in any conversations. It depends on how you carry yourself. Have self-confidence and you%26#039;ll be fine.
Reply:depends on her other assits
Reply:Only if they were a complete which case u wouldnt want them anyway!
Reply:there is no way the answer would be %26#039;yes%26#039;, unless %26#039;not perfect%26#039; mean that she REALLY let herself go to get REALLY bad teeth. in that case, it could indicate a lack of hygiene, self-respect, et al
Reply:some guys do hate crooked teeth,i also look at mens teeth and think it repulsive if their not nice.Get to the dentist and get them sorted.
Reply:A little imperfection in another human being can be a source of great comfort and reassurance when one is not quite perfect oneself! I%26#039;m sure that there%26#039;s far more to you than your teeth and it is those other qualities which will make you attractive to the opposite sex.
Reply:No Not at all.

And if they do consider it to be a reason they are dick%26#039;s and not worth the time of day.
Reply:That is not important, wow, so minor, you got to believe in yourself that is what counts! My boyfriend has somewhat crooked teeth and if I did not go out with him for that I would have missed out on a very sweet, kind caring man :)
Reply:Well, slightly crooked teeth aren%26#039;t bad, but if your teeth are all sideways, then you may want to consider braces. It%26#039;ll not only help you personally, but in the future, as well. Most employers are lying if they say that looks aren%26#039;t a factor in their selection.

If you have a good personality (and your teeth aren%26#039;t yellow or discolored :)) I don%26#039;t imagine any worthwhile guy would be so picky.
Reply:I think the problem is on your side and not with the boys.

So, if you feel self conscious about this, get them fixed and

you will be radiant and able to find the right guy. Good luck-

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